Roxette – the dream come true!

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Roxette – the dream come true!


Due to the fact that it seems that report about Roxette is interesting to people from all over the world (judging by website visitors) not only Latvian fans this post will be in English.

The evening of 16th March was quite magical moment when the dream to see Marie and Per from Roxette performing live concert in Latvia became true for many Latvian fans of this band. Roxette has phenomenal combination of talented musicians, inspirational music and fantastic soul implemented in sounds of music that never leaves you from the first time you hear them.

I’m considering myself also one of the true fans or Roxette and I can say that this band was actually the first thing that I started to like in the world of music and that has never changed – even after some 25 years and such musical disasters along this way as Backstreet Boys, Lauris Reiniks ( local artist) and Justin Beeber.  So I was extremely thrilled when I was one of the few photographers to receive accreditation for Roxette concert in Riga.

I must say that I would expect a little bit more people to come to this concert in Latvia, but not being squished between some 20 people on one square meter makes it more pleasant to enjoy the fantastic show that whole team of Roxette had prepared for us. The show was great and I was glad to see that Marie has made such miraculous recovery and is having this unique spark inside of her that she gladly shares with audience.

All band was using whole stage to make really nice party on it moving arround and playing not only for spectators but also for each other. Backvocal Helena and guitar maniac Christoffer had some very sparkling energy going on between them at the left side of the stage that periodically spread all around the other members. I must say – Christoffer, you are one little devil in the hat! :)

I believe it is useless to describe the songs performed because all fans have been going through setlists that can be found on internet for several weeks before the gig to know order of all songs by heart. :) But thank you all – Marie, Per, Clarence, Pelle, Christoffer, Helena and Magnus for your performance. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Acoustic version of  Church of my heart at the end of concert just wont let us forget you.

Enjoy the photos – I have posted a lot of them because this is the band where I just can’t put some moments aside – I want to share all of them!

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