Treat for Heavy Metal Gourmets – Meshuggah

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Treat for Heavy Metal Gourmets – Meshuggah

Night of the 22nd April was a very special experience for all true Latvian heavy metal music fans and I could even say – gourmets of this genre – all because the legendary Meshuggah gave concert in Melnā Piektdiena (Black Friday) club.

I can’t even remember when was the last time when I saw this club so full of people  and all of them were there for some serious listening and enjoyment – not to just drink some beers and have some laugh.

Meshuggah is the extreme metal music legends from Sweden who are known for their innovative approach to redefining this music genre in a new quality.  On this tour they had taken their friend from Poland – band Decapitated who did a good job to get the crowd in the proper groove before the main act.

I must say that shooting this concert was real pain in the ass due to very difficult lighting solutions that bands had choose. Decapitated liked to play under very low light and with lot of red accents (red color just blows every tone out of photos :)). And the along came Meshuggah with their impressive strobes, robots and all other bunch of very cool light effects – so intense that it was almoust impossible to get a clear shot at them. :) But still – that was a fun challenge!

This music was a bit too heavy for me to understand it deeply enough so I will not talk about things that I don’t understand. Instead I would like to reffer to comment that my friend/music journalist Aiga Leitholde wrote after this concert: “Meshuggah is the band with impressive 20 year history. During this time they have managed to merge depth of heavy music, precision of industrialism, creativity of progressive genre and continuous development and innovativeness. Meshuggah are the lucky ones who get to try out all the modern equipment. Undeniably music of Meshuggah has something futuristic in it – its like endless competition between human mind and artificial intelligence.”




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