Indygo Celebrates End of Tour @ Palladium

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Indygo Celebrates End of Tour @ Palladium

Indygo is one of those bands that has managed to be among the most promising young Latvian musicians and then go of the spotlights to come back even stronger and with their own distinctive touch in music. Thats the reason why I really wanted to see them performing live at Palladium concert hall – to remind myself why I even was interested in this band some long time ago.Indygo had the final concert of their tour to promote their newest album called Decoy. To assist on this significant evening of 7th June another interesting local band got the honor to warm up the public – Omerta.

So lets start with Omerta – its a quite new Latvian band that has formed very recently and this was their second live performance (at least some of people who knew them  told me so). Omerta is formed from only three musicians who perform something like instrumental progressive rock. I must say that this was very interesting discovery for me and I definitely would like to see them more often in clubs and festivals. Even without vocal they deliver fascinating melodies and the main thing is that they do it with very playful passion.

After some rearranging of stage equipment finally the Indygo took the stage to start out with good punchy and heavy rock to get the crowd moving. In fact they kept up this rhythmic and intense pace through all concert and proved that their new album is worth listening.  There wasn’t much words from members of the band – they just gave good show as the highest form of gratitude for their fans.

Photos of both bands can be seen below..




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