Trent Reznor nails it in Riga

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Trent Reznor nails it in Riga

It’s hard to find the right words to describe the first “Nine Inch Nails” show on their Europe tour that took place on 6th May in Latvia, Arena Riga. One is clear – it was the highest level of professionalism that makes you hold your breath even if you aren’t exactly a fan of that type of music.

Concert review by Aiga Leitholde, Photos by Oskars Kupše

“Nine Inch Nails” are specific. It’s not like you want to listen this music every day. To understand them, you need some background knowledge or curiosity to discover something new. It’s better if you have both. Unfortunately for the only “Nine Inch Nails” show in Baltic’s Arena Riga was quite empty. Therefore – all respects to the organizers “Positivus Music” who took the risk and made it happen!

“Nine Inch Nails” spent a week in Riga rehearsing for the upcoming European tour, building up complicated schemes of lights and music and incredible stage constructions. The stage changed like a dark Rubik’s cube while stage lights showed colourful play of highlights and shadows. But still the most important element was music. Half of the concert I was listening with closed eyes to capture the contrast of sounds and beats as best as I could.

“I’m just a copy of a copy of a copy of a” – and all hands go up in the air! Crowd goes crazy! Relieved feeling of happiness takes over your body and you found yourself melting with the crowd. “Nine Inch Nails” took the control over the crowd at the very beginning of show and didn’t let it go till the final notes.

I can speak only for myself but my favourite song was “The Becoming” played in the middle of the concert. “The Becoming” has two themes – one electronic pattern, the other one is the Trent’s voice. The specific twist comes when sudden drop transforms the song into harmonic melody, creating an irritating but at the same time pleasing feeling in your ears. During live performance this contrast was especially intense. The older fans can be pleased, the setlist includes many songs from “The Downward Spiral”. Riga’s the audience was delighted about “Closer”, “The Hand That Feeds”, and the loudest singing along happened  at “Head like A Hole”. Time runs fast and within a heartbeat concert comes to a magic encore – “Hurt” – when audience attempted to breath together with Reznor.


1. Copy of A

2. 1,000,000

3. Terrible Lie

4. March of the Pigs

5. Piggy

6. The Frail

7. The Wretched

8. The Becoming

9. Gave Up

10. Closer

11. Find My Way

12. Me, I’m Not

13. Came Back Haunted

14. The Great Destroyer

15. Eraser

16. Wish

17. Burn

18. The Hand That Feeds

19. Head Like a Hole

20. Hurt


Warm-up band – Cold Cave


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