Klang 2014 Fest – Opening day

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Klang 2014 Fest – Opening day

For second year Latvia has one proper rock festival – Klang. Even considering fact that Klang line-up represents more of a heavy and metal style music it still provides so necessary retreat for everyone who is not interested in club music and hipster popstars  – the main content of other summer festivals in Latvia.

Festival is very compact – just two stages, territory where you can see from one side to another, just main attractions (booze and food) and location close to the capital city Riga (just 30 min with car). Some may think that these parameters are not impressive enough etc. But they don’t have to be – this festival is like a big get together party with friends – all people that you see throughout whole year in different concerts of local heavy music stage. You don’t have to choose to which bands performance go to – every band starts playing only when previous one has finished its performance so you are not running around the 5 or 7 stages trying not to miss something..

In a result you get very relaxed festival for specific auditory where music tastes are pretty much on the same level and thus arguing over the cup of beer is limited to minimum. Of course you want more bands, better bar and some other fancy attractions that you can see in other festivals but considering the fact that this festival is put together without big sponsors and is pretty much self financed – it is ok and lets hope that increasing number of visitors will give chance for Klang to grow and become one of the major heavy music events on Baltic music stage.

Take a look at some of the first day performances – first band to open the festival was  Rise To The Bait






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