Pop rock at Klang 2014 fest by AK-69

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Pop rock at Klang 2014 fest by AK-69

Among such metal and heavy rock crews like Apēdājs, Enhet and Frailty the pop rock veterans of Latvian music stage – band AK-69 – was quite unexpected offer from Klang 2014 organizers. But I believe that even for hardcore headbanging metalists some time to rest their spines and soak up more alcohol was needed –  for this reason light and fun rock music from AK-69 was a good solution.  

For the first songs of AK-69 listeners were comfortably laying on the ground at the Jagermeister stage, but by the end of their set crowd was going along with good vibes of their musical energy by dancing in front of the stage. And as the frontmen of the band – Oskars – pointed out at the end of their show: “We finally have fulfilled our ultimate dream – to play our pop music at the heavy music festival!”


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