Pūķa Gars celebrates new album Maldinātājs

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Pūķa Gars celebrates new album Maldinātājs

In the beginning of October Latvian metal band Pūķa Gars (Dragon’s spirit) released their second studio album – Maldinātājs (The Deceiver). To celebrate this significant milestone band set out to small tour that finished on 18th October in Riga, in club Music Factory A Nice Place.

For the final concert on album presentation tour Pūķa Gars gathered great lineup of some of the best uprising local hard rock and metal bands – Crow Mother, Green Novice and The Factor. Add some great crowd and good beer and you got yourself recipe for perfect rock’ n roll evening!

In the new album Maldinātājs you definitely can hear that band has developed its style and grown over the last couple of years from their debut album. Music has become more detailed  and sophisticated while vocal has evolved into deeper territory delivering strong and rough attitude. I would prefer to have more sophisticated vocal parties in the songs where rough singing that is more closer to melodic declamation would be mixed with really melodic singing to unleash full potential of vocalist and add emotional layers to song. I love how this is done in song “Es gaidīšu mirkli” – so I wanted to hear more of this. But this is very subjective thing and I must confess that hard rock is more to my taste than metal.

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