Take a deep breath of Laibach

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Take a deep breath of Laibach

On the evening of 19th March legendary Slovenian industrial music project Laibach took over Melna Piektdiena (Black Friday) club in Riga to immerse its visitors into the sensational world of sounds, lights, messages and musical expression. 

By all means this was not a regular concert – this was a true theatrical performance of expression through power of music. From the very first sounds Laibach created deep ambient  atmosphere and took everyone on an unforgettable journey through satirical analysis of social and political topicalities for the last couple of decades in their music. The performance was kept in dark tones but still some very impressive accents through projections and light effects gave the necessary balance.

Laibach performance was thought through to the smallest detail and that resulted in spectacle that leaves you with something more than just a feeling of great concert. That resonates in you deeper and longer than you could think.

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