Black Motherfucking Label Society

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Black Motherfucking Label Society

On the evening of 15th May Latvian Heavy Metal music fans were once again got chance to meet all the members of Black Motherfucking Label Family with its frontman – the rightful King of Heavy Metal kingdom and the living legend.

After the short warm-up performance by local Death n’ Roll metal band Sanctimony all the fans were left in eager awaiting of their true God – Zakk Wylde with Black Label Society – in front of giant curtain with BLS logo on it.

When the curtain dropped  Zakk and Black Label Society family turned this small but very personal gig into something special.

From the first song New Religion band kept up the intense tempo without wasting time on comments between the songs. Some more lyrical  interlude and a chance to get some rest from intense jumping arround and supporting BLS on stage was given during the song In This River. this was very emotional song due to the fact that it was dedicated to the memory of legendary guitar player Dimebag Darrell who was a good friend of Zakk. After this emotional  song the concert quickly picked up tempo just with some “short pause”during which Zakk performed some 20 minutes long solo improvisation that once again proved who is the boss when we talk about the ultimate guitar playing talent.

It was real pleasure to get to see such great musicians in smaller gig where you can enjoy every detail of the show.  This definitely was one of those concerts when you feel cursed that you are allowed to shoot only first three songs :)

The only thing was some mishap with sound in the Palladium hall during the first part of concert – it was so dam sharp that it was cutting through the ears like razorblade. This was really strange as usually Palladium has one of the best sounds in all Latvia.

Here are some photos of Black Label Society:

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