The Hobos are back – at least for the moment

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The Hobos are back – at least for the moment

The Hobos was one of the very first Latvian rock bands that started to perform modern rock in English  and they were really good at that. Now, after many years of silence they are back with reunion concert that strongly reminded why they were so hip at the time and left me wondering what happened, why they didn’t rise to the very top of local and international music industry?

After the years of silence and different experiments in other musical projects the dream team of Latvian rock music decided to see if they still can pull it of. And I must say – they definitely can and they sound even better than before. Somehow the old songs of The Hobos sound more solid and matured – in a good way.

The show had no bells and whistles with mind blowing projections and some other kind of attractions that are popular nowadays. They just came up on stage and took the public by their music. OK, they had thought about one funny moment – the stage technician was dressed like hobo and while handing out guitars or water at the same time he liked to take a sip from bottle in paper bag :)  The setlist was really good and time flew by even too fast. Public was left desiring to hear more and I hope that we will have this chance in near future.



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